Ngalah Oreyo - GALA GALA

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DrBob Jones Production on this is spot on, every mix is a winner. Superb release from Ngalah Oreyo. LOVE-BIG TIME! DrBob J
Ngalah Oreyo
Ngalah Oreyo
Ngalah Oreyo
Ngalah Oreyo – Kenya
Ngalah Oreyo


Release & Artist Info:

Gala Gala tells the story of a village bully. It will transport you to Alego region, western Kenya, where all villages tell of his behavior and of their tiredness of all his wrong doings.
The innovative style of Gala Gala could be called electronic Benga: it borrows a lot of influence from this sound born in the region of Lake Victoria, but is also merged with electronic sounds and arrangements.
The Artist Ngalah Oreyo is a musician and music producer from Kenya. He is a successful musician who founded the award winning band Yunasi, with four childhood friends.
After many years, of working with Yunasi, Ngalah Oreyo decided to venture on new ideas which involve experimenting a lot with traditional and electronic music.Gala Gala is the first song from his upcoming EP.

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released September 5, 2018

Musicians featured on Gala Gala:

Nyattiti by Gaby – Kenya
Guitars by Toby Imani – Kenya
Vocals and Nyatiti by Ngalah Oreyo – Kenya
Backing Vocals by Georges Nderitu – Kenya
Guitars on Gala Gala – Max Doblhoff RMX by Sebastian Porstner – Austria
Percussions on Gala Gala – UMOJA RMX by Abakisimba – Kenya

Composition, recordings and production by Ngalah Oreyo - Kenya
Co production, arrangement and mixdown by Max Doblhoff – Austria

Remix work by:

Rino(IO)DJ - Italy

UMOJA – Holland

Max Doblhoff – Austria


all rights reserved



Max Doblhoff Wien, Austria

Max Doblhoff likes the groovy, funky club sound and provides a catchy handle for the listeners to hold onto as they pulled along. Even if there is just the handful productions to date they show the deep-seated love of the music. Mostly analogue samples, coming from live instruments are used whereas digital elements are reduced - giving the productions character & flair by the warm analogue sound. ... more

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