1. Mawinguni
    Max Doblhoff, Sidney Simila

  2. Romba
    Max Doblhoff, Sidney Simila, Samson Maiko

  3. Tombola
    Max Doblhoff, Sidney Simila

  4. Dimbale
    Max Doblhoff, SURAJ, Andreas Weisz

  5. Nyaboma
    Max Doblhoff, Ngalah Oreyo, Shari Afrika

  6. Don´t Complain
    Max Doblhoff, Betty Semper

  7. Gombato
    Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz, Elias (GER)

  8. Niwache
    Max Doblhoff, Andreas Weisz, Alai K

  9. Kairitu
    Abakisimba, Ayrosh, Moseh Drummist, Max Doblhoff

  10. Afro Key (SURAJ Remix)
    SURAJ, Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz

    Ngalah Oreyo, UMOJA, Max Doblhoff

  12. Kithembe
    Abakisimba, Max Doblhoff

  13. Africa La (Album)
    Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz, Baboulaye Cissokho, Ibou Ba

  14. Saba Bo
    Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz, Baboulaye Cissokho

  15. Mama Jo (Remixed)
    Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz, Stefan Obermaier, Basti Grub

  16. Mama Jo (Original)
    Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz

  17. MGanga Mkuu (Remixed)
    Makadem, Sebastian Wiesflecker, Max Doblhoff

  18. Djemaa (EP)
    Max Doblhoff, Idd Aziz, Fux, Stefan Obermaier, Shanti Roots

  19. Tanz Schatzi (Remixed)
    Max Doblhoff, Shanti Roots, Banda Westfalika, Shantisan

  20. Swing Charly (Palmers Mix)
    Max Doblhoff, Michael Schallmayer

  21. Train de Vie
    Max Doblhoff, Sabbas Muck, Thierry Robert

  22. Tanz Schatzi (Original)
    Max Doblhoff, Sebastian Wiesflecker, Bernd Püribauer

  23. Bittersweet (EP)
    Max Doblhoff, Philipp Staufer, Michael Schallmayer, Karl Moestl, Shanti Roots, Stephanie Zamagna

  24. El Pajaro (EP)
    Max Doblhoff, Michael Schallmayer, Karl Moestl, Alfons Kammerlander

  25. Funkintrusion
    Viena Loco, Max Doblhoff, Michael Schallmayer, Stephanie Zamagna

  26. Groovekompott - Recooked 2009
    Max Doblhoff, Philipp Staufer, Michael Schallmayer, Stoney the Flute, Stephanie Zamagna...


Max Doblhoff Wien, Austria

Max Doblhoff likes the groovy, funky club sound and provides a catchy handle for the listeners to hold onto as they pulled along. Mostly analogue samples, coming from live instruments are used whereas digital elements are reduced - giving the productions character & flair by the warm analogue sound. AfroHouse, Afro Fusion, Tribal House, Latin Cumbica & Electronic Grooves. ... more


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